Castlethorpe Charity for the Poor/Church

The Castlethorpe Charity for the Poor/Church was constituted in 1894 by Lady (Dame Bridget) Tyrrill to provide for both the Poor of Castlethorpe and for the Church and is registered with the Charities Commission under no. 233681.

A copy of the 1894 document shows that the Trustees may use their discretion to provide for items such as “…coal, clothing, linen, bedding, fuel, tools, medical or aid in Sickness, Food or other articles in kind…” and “…temporary relief in money, by way of loan or otherwise, in cases of unexpected loss or sudden destitution…”

It must be remembered that this was set up in an era well before we had a welfare state as we know it today and would have been an important safety net for those who might have benefited after 1894. While it is difficult to envisage anyone falling into this category today, the Charity continues to administer the income in the spirit of the original intent and determines from time-to-time the criteria for the beneficiaries. Currently this is that a potential beneficiary satisfies that they will have lived in the village for at least 2 years, be 60 years of age or over and live alone, but as from this year the age of entitlement will be raised to 65 years of age with an additional proviso that beneficiaries are not working.

The Charity’s income is derived principally from the land known as Poor’s Piece which is situated immediately after Lodge Cottages on the right-hand side of the Wolverton Road when going out of the village towards Haversham. It consists of 18.99 acres of agricultural land. Other periodic income is from a wayleave from power suppliers who have a service pole on the land.

The Trustees of the Charity are drawn from the village of Castlethorpe. The constitution says that one “ex-officio” trustee will be the Vicar of Castlethorpe parish and the other seven trustees are a combination of four “representative” trustees nominated by the Parish Council and three “cooptative” trustees drawn from the Village. The current Parish representative trustees are: Davina Brown, Lawrence Chapman, Peter Grigson and Evangeline Norris. The co-opted trustees are: David Brooks, Amy Pearson and Charles Sawbridge.

The trustees meet twice a year and have distribute the income in December of each year.

Any enquiries to the Trustees should be directed to the current Clerk/Treasurer to the Trustees, Sandra Neal at 14 South Street, Castlethorpe, or by email to or phone 01908 510787.