Parish Councillor Appointments, Responsibilities & Declarations of Interest

At its Annual General Meeting on 9th May 2016, the Parish Council elected Cllr Philip Ayles to be its Chair and Cllr John Keane to be its Vice-Chair.

The Council has also made appointments to its Committees, for individual councillor responsibilities and to represent the Council at various external meetings.

All appointments will remain in force until the next Annual General Meeting.


  • Finance Committee: Cllrs Ayles, Keane, Stacey and Sweetland.
  • Sports Committee: Cllrs Stacey (Chair), Ayles, Markham and Forgham.
  • Village Hall Committee: Cllrs Forgham, Hinds and Keane plus three co-opted voting members, being representatives of the Pre-School, the Youth Club and Short Mat Bowls. The other user groups are represented by non-voting members of the committee.

In addition to their Parish Councillor Duties, Councillors have a number of individual responsibilities.

  • Neighbourhood and Parish Plan: Cllrs Ayles, Forgham, Hinds, Keane, Stacey and Sweetland
  • Communications and Website: Cllrs Ayles, Forgham and Sweetland
  • Dog Fouling: Cllr Hinds
  • Public transport: Cllrs. Sweetland, Keane and Forgham
  • Highways & Streetlights: Cllrs Markham, Stacey and Sweetland
  • Footpaths & Play Areas: Cllrs Hinds, Keane and Markham
  • Flower festival: Cllr Hinds

The following Councillors were elected to represent the Parish Council at the following external meetings.

  • Parishes’ Forum: Cllrs Ayles and Keane
  • Rural West NAG: Cllrs Ayles, Hinds and Keane
  • Newport Pagnell North and Hanslope Local Area Forum: Cllrs Ayles, Sweetland & Keane
  • Milton Keynes Association of Local Councils(MKALC): Cllrs Ayles and Sweetland
  • Sustainable Transport & Road Safety Forum (STARS): Cllrs Ayles, Keane and Sweetland
  • MKALC: Cllrs Ayles & Sweetland

If you wish to contact any of these councillors, please see Useful Contacts

The statutory Declarations of Councillors’ Interests are available on the MKC website.