Neighbourhood Plan public consultation

As you may recall, the parish council is modifying our Neighbourhood Plan to keep it current. We explained the content in a leaflet at the end of January and held an Open Day at the Village Hall. As a result, a number of small changes were made and the Plan was then submitted to Milton Keynes Council.

Now it is ‘their’ Plan, MKC legally has to do a second consultation which is about to start. You may remember that there were also two consultations with the original Neighbourhood Plan. If you commented during the parish council consultation, you will see your comments and the response of the parish council in the ‘Consultation Statement’ which accompanies the Neighbourhood Plan. This is part of a very strict process which the parish council and MKC have to follow.

You should have received a copy of this letter from MKC, as have all landowners and statutory consultees such as the utility companies.

You can download or read the Plan and accompanying documents on MKC’s Neighbourhood Planning webpage at and you can send your comments by email to or by post to UDLA, Milton Keynes Council, Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East, Central Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ. All comments must be received by 5pm on Friday 17 July.

At the end of this second consultation, the Modified Neighbourhood Plan, its supporting documents and the responses to the second consultation will be passed to an external Examiner who will ensure it complies with the legal conditions for an NP.

After the Examiner has made any necessary changes, the Modified Neighbourhood Plan will, as with the original Plan, be adopted by MKC as one of its Planning Policies which will prevent any planning applications which don’t comply with the Plan to protect the village.