Do you need help with rent, moving home or emergencies?

Do you need help with your rent or Council Tax?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent or Council Tax you may be able to claim extra help. This is called a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) for rent and Discretionary Council Tax Reduction (DCTRS) for Council Tax. You can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment if you are receiving Housing Benefit. You do not need to receive Council Tax Reduction to apply for a discretionary Council Tax payment.
DHP can help you if your rent is more than your Housing Benefit.

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Need help moving home?

You may be able to get a lump sum Discretionary Housing Payment. If your move is essential, for example if you need to move home to reduce your outgoings, take up an offer of employment or because you are at risk of being made homeless, a Discretionary Housing Payment may be able to help with:
• A deposit
• Other lump sum costs associated with a housing need such as removal costs.
• Rent in advance, in some cases

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Need help for an emergency?

If you have an emergency or a problem with your benefit payments and need help with essential items such as food, you may be able to get a Local Welfare Provision grant. Grants are limited to a maximum of 1 in 6 months and are normally goods or services, not cash.

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For information on all these payments you can also phone MK 253040 or visit the Civic Offices.