Castlethorpe facts and figures

Here are some interesting facts and figures about Castlethorpe, taken from the results of the 2011 Census, Defra and Land Registry figures:

People: On Census Day 2011, the parish’s population was 1,045, 47.9% male and 52.1% female, living in 440 households. There were 205 children under 16, 695 adults of working age and 145 people over the age of 65, with 55 of them living by themselves. There were 65 people from ethnic minority groups and 55 people who were born outside the UK. The population density was 1.04 persons per hectare, compared to the average for England of 4.1 and for Milton Keynes of 8.1.

Jobs: Of the 617 “economically active” people, ie those with jobs, 371 worked full-time, 113 part-time and 98 were self-employed. 150 were employed in the public sector and 35 worked from home. The largest employment sector was retail (106), followed by education (70), professional (80). Of these 86 people worked more than 49 hours a week. 55 people travelled less than 2km to work and 45 more than 40km.

Housing: There were 186 detached houses in the parish, 145 semi-detached, 114 terraced, 7 purpose-built flats and 4 other flats. 355 households lived in owner-occupied homes, 45 in housing that is socially rented, 38 in homes that are privately rented and 3 in other rented accommodation. The median price for detached houses was £328,750, semi-detached £181,000, terraced £180,000 and flats £125,000.

Cars: 40 households had no car, 160 had one car, 195 had two cars, 40 had three cars and 10 had four or more.

Environmental (Figures for Milton Keynes as a whole): CO² emissions 7.4 Kt (kilotonnes) per head (average for England 6.74Kt); household waste that is recycled or composted 38% (England 36%); residual household waste per head 750Kg (England 618Kg).