Castlethorpe Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of the village which we hope you will enjoy.

If you are running a village event that can be recorded for posterity or just have some good village photos, please send the best to the Webmaster and we’ll put them on the website subject to available space.

Castlethorpe in the snow

The first week of February back in 2009 saw heavy snowfalls and many villagers enjoyed a day off work and Castlethorpe took on a fairy-tale look.
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War Memorial Castlethorpe triangle SS Simon & Jude in the snow Castle grounds and Castle House Sledging Castle grounds in the snow Castle Field South Street in the snow SS Simon & Jude The Corner House SS Simon & Jude from Castle Field Castlethorpe Down again Gritting past the shop Swinging in the snow Looks closed Main line to London Rooftops Well somethings been past