Milton Keynes Dog Watch

Dog Watch has been set up in Milton Keynes by SaferMK, Neighbourhood Watch, The Parks Trust, Milton Keynes Council, Enforcement Officers, Wardens and Thames Valley Police.

You are the eyes and ears of the community. As a member of Dog Watch you will be out walking your dogs at various times of the day covering large areas of Milton Keynes and this can have an impact on reducing crime. Most criminals will not break into cars or houses if somebody is walking by. We encourage you to report anything suspicious by phoning the appropriate number provided in this pack. We hope that Dog Watch will help improve the quality of life in your neighbourhood and that you will act as a visible deterrent just by walking your dog. The information you feed back to us will assist in preventing crime, anti-social behaviour and assist in identifying offenders and cleaning up areas.

For more information visit Milton Keynes Dogwatch