Personal stylist: Before Meets After

Do you ever wish you could feel more confident with your appearance but not know where to begin? Our consultations and workshops are a great start to teaching you how you can make the most of “you.” Whether it be how to make you look slimmer to where to shop for your shape, we are here to help.

We offer one-to-one or group workshops (great if you have a ltd budget or want to enjoy the experience with some friends) to help you make the most of yourself by improving your confidence.

We also offer Masterclasses on topics such as:

  • Colour consultation (Have you ever wondered what colours make you look youthful, slimming and amazing?!)
  • Personal Styling to make the most of your body-shape (What to Wear)
  • How to dress to make yourself appear 10 Years Younger!
  • How to find the right jeans to fit your body-shape
  • Personal Shopping – For day to day or occasion wear
  • Transform your wardrobe (From clothes you never wear to clothes you always wear)
  • Accessories workshop (How to transform an outfit)

We offer gift vouchers too for birthdays and Christmas gifts.

Be yourself but better!