AVC: Technology training for the visually impaired

Alternate Visions Coaching (AVC) offers assistive technology training to visually impaired and blind individuals. Training is offered on an individual basis and is tailored to your needs and can be delivered in the comfort of your own home, or by telephone/Skype if preferred. Examples of the things we can provide training on are Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods and Mac computers, as well as Windows computers with Dolphin Guide software.

James Goldsworthy, who lives in Castlethorpe, delivers the training locally and is himself blind with several years of experience in using and delivering training on this technology.

For more information contact James on 01908 510135 or 07801 446624, or by email at info@alternatevisionscoaching.org. You can also visit AVC’s website at www.alternatevisionscoaching.org