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My name is Chrissy Stacey. I am Australian by birth but have been resident in the UK since 1991. I came to England to work and travel with horses and have loved every minute of the journey!

‘Nurture and strengthen the bond with your horse. This is more than just a loading lesson.’

My specialty these days is working with and helping owners overcome the difficulties and restrictions imposed on them by problem loaders. In my work as a BHS registered instructor I have come across this situation time and time again. With the technique I use I can re-teach your horse to load consistently and reliably and also teach you, too. Imagine being able to confidently load your horse every time you go out. No more having to allow an extra half an hour or so for loading. Just you and your horse, no helpers, barriers, brooms etc. It can be done and I can help you!

Also available for riding lessons for those with their own horses.

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Chrissy Stacey (BHS registered instructor)

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