Village Shop and Post Office

Castlethorpe Village Shop and Post Office

Shop and Post Office opening hours are 7am-7.30pm Monday to Saturday. 7am-noon Sunday. Telephone: 01908 745983. Udi and Dina


Village Shop Association

Castlethorpe lost its village shop and Post Office in 2005 and, almost immediately, a campaign was started to replace it. Land was identified and effectively donated by MKC and funding was obtained from a number of sources including planning gain, MKC, the Parish Council, the Post Office, the Village Retail Shop Association (Virsa), Co-operative and Community Finance (a bank which works with Virsa), Buckinghamshire Masonic Centenary Fund and a tremendous response from residents and local businesses.

A separate company, Castlethorpe Village Shop Association Community Interest Company (CVSA), was formed and the shop was built and equipped in a very tight timeframe to open on 21st July 2007. CVSA leases the shop to Udi and Dina Modhwadia at a concessionary rent in order that the shop should remain economically viable whilst keeping the lowest possible prices.

The shop has been a tremendous success and has provided a social focus in the village as well providing much needed services. It has also now received a letter from the Post Office saying that it will remain open despite the current round of closures. It is really important that we all use the shop and make sure we are never in the position of losing our only shop again.

CVSA is owned by its Members who have to be residents of the village. There are currently 44 Members. It re-paid its commercial loan in June 2008 and the personal lenders in December 2008 so the shop association is now debt free.

Contact Phil Ayles Telephone 510590