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This is the Website for the village of Castlethorpe in Milton Keynes. The articles have been written by village organisations. The site is managed by the Parish Council.

If you have news of interest to the village or represent an organisation which has an event coming up, please contact the Webmaster who will put it on this website.

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Have you got your SmartWater kit?

Update on SmartWater kits from Kirsty Martinson, our local PCSO:

All SmartWater kits that were applied for have now been delivered, by local PCSOs Kirsty & Tina. In total we delivered 49 kits around the village.

f you have not already signed up for a kit but would like one please see the details of what you need to do in the post below. If you are over 65 or vulnerable you can apply for a free kit. If you are not in this category you can still apply for a kit at a reduced rate of £10, a kit normally costs £60.

If you have received your kit and need any help with it please do not hesitate to contact me on Kirsty.martinson@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk

Kind Regards
PCSO Kirsty Martinson C9551

If you have not already signed up for a kit but would like one please see the details of what you need to do in the post below.

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SmartWater kits available for every house in Castlethorpe

Following the recent burglaries in Castlethorpe, the Parish Council and the police have teamed up to offer free SmartWater kits to all households in the parish with anyone over the age of 65 or a vulnerable person living there. Other households will be available to buy the kits for just £10, instead of the normal retail price of around £60.

SmartWater is an invisible liquid that can be applied to all kinds of household valuables, making them uniquely traceable back to their owner. One dab per item is all that’s needed. Each batch of the liquid contains a unique chemical code registered to an individual which the police can use to identify stolen property, so it is a big deterrent to thieves if they know the householder is using it.

To get a kit contact Steve Bradbury, the Clerk to the Parish Council, preferably by email at clerk.castlethorpe@gmail.com. If you don’t have email you can phone him on 01908 337928 or write to Clerk to Castlethorpe Parish Council, 63 Thrupp Close, Castlethorpe, Milton Keynes MK19 7PL with your address and other contact details. Please tell him whether you are applying for the pensioner/vulnerable person pack or the general householder pack and if it’s the latter please give or send Steve £10 either in cash or preferably a cheque made payable to Castlethorpe Parish Council, as soon as possible. (The kits won’t be delivered unless you’ve paid.)

Kirsty Martinson, our local PCSO, will then make contact with the elderly or vulnerable residents to give them the kit and to register them on the police and SmartWater database.

In the meantime you can find lots more information about minimising your risks on the Thames Valley Police website at http://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/crime-prevention.htm

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Parish Council Chairman's report to the Annual Village Meeting on 1 June

The Chair of Castlethorpe Parish Council, Philip Ayles, presented his annual report to the Annual Village Meeting which was held on Monday 1 June. The full report is published here and it can be downloaded in pdf form under Other Documents here:

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The Navigation reopens

The Navigation reopened on Saturday 6 June after a £1.5 million refurbishment by Hertfordshire-based Oakman Inns and Greene King, one of Britain’s largest breweries.

The refurbishment brings major enhancements to the famous canal-side Inn. Internally, the original stonework has been exposed and previously blocked-up fireplaces reinstated, whilst an impressive new extension incorporating a large outdoor decked viewing platform and extended restaurant area overlooking the new gardens.

General Manager, Rod Stewart. said: “We will be open from 8am every day so our guests both on and off the water will be able to start their day with a full English breakfast, or drop in for a coffee or a pint, or order great, freshly cooked food to eat in a beautiful setting – at any time of the day until closing time.”

To find out more go to: www.thenavigationcosgrove.co.uk

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Neighbourhood Plan: Download it now

Following the return of questionnaires from villagers a draft version of the Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared and has been sent to the consultants assisting the parish council so that they can insert the necessary techncial references. In the meantime the draft document is available for you to download by clicking this link

There will be a full public consultation period for the finished version,before it is presented to Milton Keynes Council and subsequently goes to an External Examiner and finally a referendum.

The Plan will eventually form the basis for housing development strategy in the village for the next few years to come.

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High speed broadband is here!

Superfast broadband has arrived in Castlethorpe at long last. The new BT Openreach cabinet has been installed and has been connected to the upgraded Hanslope exchange and the first domestic lines went live at the beginning of June. Speeds of up to 70Mbps are available, depending on your broadband supplier and which “package” you buy.

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Central Milton Keynes parking charges go up

Car parking in Central Milton Keynes went up on Monday May 18. The red bays rise from £1.40 to £2 an hour and the purple bays from 40p to 50p per hour. All day parking in blue bays goes up to £10. In addition most permits and scratchcards went up. And for the first time you’ll have to pay to park on bank holidays.

You can find full details at www.mkweb.co.uk/PARKING-cost-park-Milton-Keynes-year-price-hikes/story-26494649-detail/story.htm

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Can you help with new WW1 film?

Joanna Barclay, the wife of former High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire Joe Barclay, is leading the research on a new film project which seeks to commemorate how the First World War impacted on the county of Buckinghamshire – ‘The Home Front Story’.

If any of you have material — stories, photographs, documents, film footage, correspondence, cartoons, advertisements, propaganda, company records etc — relevant to that period and particular to the county of Buckinghamshire which you feel should be included in this film, please get in touch with Joanna at Joannabarclay2@gmail.com.

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Crime goes down in Milton Keynes

Despite the recent problems in Castlethorpe, the end-of-year crime figures for Milton Keynes Local Policing Area (LPA) show that overall crime figures are continuing to decline. The figures for the 12 months between 1 April 2014 and 31 March 2015 show that there were 130 fewer crimes than in the previous 12-month period.

However the police are urging all motorists to fit security screws to their numberplates following recent thefts of plates from cars. These are simple anti-theft devices which can easily be fitted in place with a screwdriver to replace existing screws, but cannot be removed using standard tools. It is important that the correct size of screw is used for the pre-existing screw holes and application. Security screws are available from high street automotive accessories outlets.

You can have security screws fitted free of charge at Halfords Autocentre, 10 Duncombe Street, Bletchley, MK2 2LY. Phone 01908 270476 to arrange an appointment (please note that number plates cannot be supplied during the fitting process and if required should be purchased in advance).

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Puddings & Pancakes raises a tasty £250

Cookies and Crumbs update: A big “thank you” from Judith Goodger to everyone who came along to sample the puddings and pancakes in the Village Hall — and to the terrific team, pictured right with some of the goodies, who are Cookies and Crumbs.

The event raised £250 for two very worthy charities, which means £125 each for Willen Hospice and Cancer Research.

To all who didn’t make it keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

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Speeding: The true figures revealed

Despite the feeling of the many villagers who have posted on the Castlethorpe Facebook page that vehicles are speeding in large numbers through the village, an analysis of the actual figures recorded by the SIDs (Speed Indication Devices) used in the village shows that in fact very few drivers seem to be exceeding the speed limit.

The percentage of vehicles speeding (where we have recorded) is actually very low, with the highest number being 2.2% of vehicles but typically around 1% or lower speeding vehicles.

Vehicle speeds are slightly higher if the SID is covered/blanked but still well below the ‘85th percentile’ (v85) of 38mph, which is the police intervention (i.e. speed gun deployment) measure level.

The highest speed recorded is 46mph but this is unusual. Most weeks show only a handful of vehicles exceeding 40mph and often none.

Cick on “Read more” to see the full results

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Summer tennis coaching courses

The Castlethorpe Village Tennis Coaching Programme is back, with 12-week Summer Courses between the week commencing 13 April and the week of 6 July (excluding the week commencing 25 May). The courses are held as follows:

CV01: Wednesday 10.00-11.30, Adult Coaching £96
CV02: Friday 16.30-17.15, 4-8 Yrs Old Red £48
CV03: Friday 17.15-18.00, 8-10 Yrs Old Orange £48
CV04: Friday 18.00-19.00, 11+ Yrs Old Green/Yellow £64
CV05: Friday 19.00-20.30, Adult Coaching £96
CV06: Saturday 10.00-10.45, 4-8 Yrs Old Red £48
CV07: Saturday 10.45-11.30, 8-10 Yrs Old Orange £48
CV08: Saturday 11.30-12.30, 11+ Yrs Old Green/Yellow £64

For more details please contact: Matt Evans Tel: 07912945626 Email:getcoaching@hotmail.co.uk or Sarah Evans Email: sarah-getcoaching@outlook.com Cheques should be made payable to: Matt Evans. Split payment can be made by post-dated cheque – please contact Matt directly for more details.

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Changes to Castlethorpe Charity

The Castlethorpe Charity for the Poor/Church has changed the criteria for any new beneficiary. With effect from the 2015 distribution to be made in December 2015, the criteria for any new beneficiary is that they will have lived in the village for at least 2 years, be 70 years of age or over and live alone and not be in any paid employment. It should be noted however that if you were included in the 2014 distribution and still qualify that you will continue to receive a distribution.

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Is there a well in your garden?

Castlethorpe Historical Society is gathering information on all of the wells in the village. Most will obviously be located in the gardens of Castlethorpe’s older properties. So if you have a well on your property, or you know of someone else who has one, please let Mick Mullens know so that the Society can collate a map and plan to help with its survey on Old Castlethorpe.

You can contact Mick on the Castlethorpe Village Facebook page or email him at brassmichael@yahoo.co.uk

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Route 33 bus timetable at a glance

The times of the 33/33A bus service through Castlethorpe are:

Buses towards Central Milton Keynes now leave the stop by the Village Hall at:
06:13 (except Saturdays), 07:44, 09:14, 10:14, 11:14, 12:14, 13:14, 14:14, 15:14*, 16:14, 17:29, 18:29 and 19:25**
(* to Central Rail Station only; **Wolverton only).

Buses to Northampton leave at:
07:21 (07:34 on Saturdays), 09:31, 10:31, 11:31, 12:31, 13:31, 14:31, 15:36*, 16:31, 17:41 and 18:41*
(* to Hartwell only)

A copy of the current timetable can be downloaded here

Timetables for all the other bus routes in Milton Keynes can be found here

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